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Ségolène Royal

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Madame Royal first female President of France
It is hard to believe there is a year to go to the next Presidential election in France, the rivalry between the candidates is already very intense, and that is just within the main parties.

The Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy is now the front runner as candidate for the right-of-centre UMP party; but if the opinion polls are correct, he could face a daunting challenge from the left in the chic and charismatic form of Ségolène Royal. Madame Royal is a rare creature in French politics, a successful fifty-two year old mother of four in a world dominated by ageing men.

Despite the fact the polls show she could win, some of her Socialist party colleagues remain unimpressed, "who'll look after the children?" was the dismissive comment from one.

Claire Bolderson went to south west France to meet the woman who might well become the first female President of France.

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